Moore's martial arts – monterey bay

Moore's Martial Arts is the Monterey Bay area's premier studio teaching and advancing the martial art of Shou' Shu' as developed by Da' Shifu Albert Moore Sr.

We offer customized programs for all ages and all budgets. To see if Shou' Shu' karate is right for you, your group or your family, come in for a free introductory lesson from one of our highly skilled instructors.

Shou' Shu' is an extremely effective form of martial art. Men, women, teens, children, short or tall, young or old can benefit. We will train your body to react quickly, efficiently and effectively against an assault, even against multiple attackers with weapons. This is not a leisure sport -- it is full-blown self-defense training.

The MMA Studio in Pacific Grove is led by black belt Shifu Pierre Joubert. His wife Marijke Joubert also provides instruction. Marijke is a jazz and classical violinist and would be happy to discuss opportunities to study violin using the world-renowned Suzuki Method.



Beast Seminar Nov. 10-11

Sparing tournament/seminar– Kids Only. February 23 at Moore's Karate, Turlock, Calif. All-day seminar, lunch, transportation and tournament at the end. $100 (family rates available).

Albert F. Moore Sr.

Da' Shifu Albert F. Moore, Sr. developed the unique teaching style employed by MMA. Moore was awarded the title of Da' Shifu (Grand Master) after mastering Shou' Shu' in China. The Chinese Masters each teach only one animal, and students must master that skill before they learn the next animal. Only after all the animal forms were mastered did the student learn to combine the movements. Moore studied the teaching forms of other martial arts when he returned to the United States and developed a teaching method of combined animal styles and belt ranks. This unique method greatly enhances the skills of the martial artist at any level.